Here you will find a practical summary of the care plan in relation to the Aqua Tilis therapy. You will find more details at the other website pages. Before starting with the treatment, there will be an intake interview with Mr. Essaïdi, Med. Eng.. By examining the nature of your complaints it will be assessed if you are eligible for the Aqua Tilis therapy. Sometimes it is necessary to evaluate additional medical data from blood or urine laboratory tests. If there is sufficient indication that you will benefit from the therapy, the procedure of the therapy will be explained to you. In addition, an intake-form will be completed with personal data, diagnosis, medical history, medication history and such.

Pricing of your treatment will be determined by the outcome of the examinations as mentioned above. Please contact us for an appointment.

The therapy consists of a number of treatments in the cabin. Blood pressure is measured and entered in your medical file before and after each treatment. All data and remarks are also noted for later evaluation.

After 5 sessions it is required to carry out a magnetilis sweat analysis. With these results the cabin can be optimally adjusted. The results of the analysis will be discussed with the patient.

There is always a staff member present in case you have any questions. An appointment with Mr. Essaïdi, Med. Eng., can be made at your request.