As indicated before, the radical theory gives an explanation for many disease symptoms.Based on this concept Ir.M. Essaïdi has developed a novel non-invasive therapeutic technology to effectively inhibit the action of a surplus of radicals and to reduce their synthesis. At the same time this method stimulates the activity of the immune system, resulting in a more successful defence against infections. Furthermore, the circulation of blood throughout the body is significantly enhanced. The entire treatment takes place in the Essaïdi cabin, in which parameters, such as temperature, pressure, light intensity and energy volume are precisely regulated and strictly controlled by a computerised system.

The patient is surrounded by a specific water vapour called Aqua Tilis. It enters the body through the skin pores, resulting in recovery without using pharmaceuticals. Heart rate and blood pressure are under constant control and cabin functions are adapted to the specific condition of the patient. This creates the most favourable circumstances for an effective and fast treatment.

The Essaïdi Aqua Tilis Therapy stops the progression of a number of diseases that are related to a surplus of radicals; it removes damaged cells and causes to replace them by new cells. Consequently, the recovery process has been shown to be considerably accelerated. Due to the fact that neither pharmaceutical drugs nor poisonous gases are used, the Essaïdi method is absolutely safe and no negative side effects have been observed.


In Eindhoven four cabins are presently operational, each measuring 3 x 3 meter. In each cabin there is a stretcher, a whirlpool and a steam vessel.Each of the cabins has an entry compartment with a shower and a toilet. In this entry compartment the patient can undress in all privacy. The patient should lie on the stretcher in the cabin totally undressed; jewellery, watches etc. should also be left in the entry compartment. It is mandatory that each patient bring with him/her a healthy accompanying person, who also takes place (undressed) in the cabin (the treatment does not have any adverse effects on the healthy accompanying person).

By means of an intercom system the assistant, from outside of the cabin, stays in contact with patient and accompanying person during the treatment. If the patient wants to contact the assistant, the accompanying person could also do this; the patient does not need to discontinue the treatment. Sometimes patient needs help for a number of other reasons; the accompanying person can provide that help.

A treatment session takes 30 minutes, divided into two periods of 15 minutes each. During the interval between these two periods the patient should take a shower and thoroughly clean the skin with a bath-brush and extensively flush the body. The accompanying person can be of assistance, if needed.

Radicals and compounds playing a role in their originating are caused to leave the body by transpiration via the skin pores. These pores are opened due to the temperature (somewhat over 50°C) and humidity (almost 100%). Thorough brushing and washing is therefore necessary.

Patient and accompanying person each need:

  • bath-brush
  • towel to lay on in the cabin
  • towel to wipe off the skin
  • bath-slippers
  • bathrobe (after the treatment the body is transpiring and it is better to wait for 15 to 20 minutes before dressing again; there is a special dressing room for this purpose)
  • soap, shampoo, hairdryer, comb etc.

The total amount of time needed for one treatment session, including changing clothes, showering and re-acclimatisation is approximately one and a half hours.

During the period of treatment smoking and alcoholic beverages should be avoided, because of interference with the therapy. (Smoking and alcohol cause a significant increase of free radicals in the body!) Females using oral anti-contraceptives are advised to take other measures for anti-conception because during the therapy the efficacy of oral anti-contraceptives can be diminished. Finally, the cabin should not be entered with an empty stomach.

Intake interview

Before starting with the treatment, there will be an intake interview with Mr. Essaïdi, Med. Eng.. It is necessary for the patient to bring along medical data (copies of medical correspondence and the like) and a complete set of blood-values (a form is available). The blood-values can be requested from the general practitioner or a medical specialist. If X-rays or MRI scans are available, they should also be brought.

By examining the nature of your complaints it will be assessed if you are eligible for the Aqua Tilis therapy. If there is sufficient indication that you will benefit from the therapy, the procedure of the therapy will be explained to you. In addition, an intake-form will be completed with personal data, diagnosis, medical history, medication history and such.


The therapy consists of a number of treatments in the cabin.Blood pressure is measured and entered in your medical file before and after each treatment. All data and remarks are also noted for later evaluation.
After 5 sessions it is required to carry out a magnetilis sweat analysis. With these results the cabin can be optimally adjusted. The results of the analysis will be discussed with the patient.

There is always a staff member present in case you have any questions. An appointment with Mr. Essaïdi, Med. Eng., can be made at your request.